Form-1      Form-1
Form-2      Voluntary Winding-up
Form-3      Form-3
Form-4      Form-4
Form-5      Form-5
Form-6      General heading for proceedings
Form-7      Form-7
Form-8      Voluntary Winding-up (Quarterly progress report)
Form-9      LLP Liquidator's final winding up account in voluntary winding up
Form-10    Form-10
Form-11    Form-11
Form-12    Form-12
Form-13   Winding-up by Tribunal
Form-14    Form-14
Form-15    Form-15
Form-16    General heading for proceedings
Form-17    Summons
Form-18    Affidavit verifying petition
Form-19    Summons for directions
Form-20    Form of Advertisement of Petition
Form-21    Notice of Petition
Form-22    Affidavit of service of petition on LLP
Form-23    Affidavit of service of petition/application on liquidator
Form-24    Notice of intention to appear
Form-25    List of Persons intending to appear
Form-26    Petition for Winding Up
Form-27    Petition by creditor
Form-28    Petition by LLP or partner(s) of LLP
Form-29    Advertisement of Petition
Form-30    Order appointing Provisional Liquidator
Form-31    Notification to Liquidator of winding up order
Form-32    Notification to Liquidator of order appointing him Provisional Liquidator
Form-33    Winding up Order
Form-34    Notice of winding up order
Form-35    Notice to submit statement of affairs and attend Liquidator
Form-36    Order on application by Liquidator under rule 28(5)
Form-37    Statement of affairs under rule 28
Form-38    Affidavit of concurrence in statement of affairs
Form-39    Certificate extending time for statement of affairs
Form-40    Report of the Liquidator under rule 132 read with rule 34
Form-41    Advertisement of notice to creditors to prove their claim
Form-42    Notice to creditor to prove his debt
Form-43    Notice to creditor to prove his debt
Form-44    Affidavit of proof of debt
Form-45    Proof of debt of workmen
Form-46    Notice to a creditor to attend the investigation or produce further evidence
Form-47    Notice of rejection of proof of debt
Form-48    Notice of rejection of proof of debt
Form-49    Certified list of proofs tendered to, and admitted or rejected by, the Liquidator
Form-50    Provisional List of Partners
Form-51    Notice to Partners of date fixed to settle list of Partners
Form-52    Certificate of final settlement of the list of Partners
Form-53    Notice to partner of final settlement of list of partners and that his name is included
Form-54    Order varying list of partners
Form-55    Notice of meetings of creditors and partners under rule 170
Form-55A   Notice of creditors’ meeting under rule 170
Form-55B    Notice of partners’ meeting under rule 170
Form-55C    Notice of Meeting (General Form)
Form-55D    Notice of Meeting (General Form
Form-56    Notice to Officers of LLP to attend meeting of creditors or partners
Form-57    Affidavit as to the posting of notices of meeting
Form-58    Nomination of Chairman of Liquidator
Form-59    Report of result of meeting(s) of creditor or partners held under order of NCLT Bench dated
Form-60    List of Creditors or Partners present at a meeting
Form-61    Form of general proxy
Form-61A    Form of special proxy
Form-62    Notice by Liquidator requiring payment of money or delivery of property books, etc. to the Liquidator
Form-63    Document making a demand
Form-64    Summons to enforce the demand
Form-65    Affidavit in support of application for payment
Form-66    Order for payment of amount due from Partner
Form-67    Summons for leave to examine person(s)
Form-68    Order for private examination
Form-69    Summons to witness for examination
Form-70    Order directing public examination
Form-71    Notice of public examination
Form-72    Notice of public examination
Form-73    Report to the NCLT Bench where person examined refuses to answer to satisfaction of the officer of NCLT Bench
Form-74    Summons under rule 225
Form-74A    Summons under rule 225
Form-75    Summons under rule 225
Form-75A    Points of claim under rule 226
Form-76    Notice to Liquidator or LLP Liquidator to elect whether he will disclaim
Form-76A   Notice by Liquidator or LLP Liquidator of intention to apply to Tribunal for leave to disclaim
Form-76B   Summons for extension of time for giving notice of intention to apply for leave to disclaim
Form-76C   Order extending time for disclaimer
Form-76D   Notice of interest in property sought to be disclaimed
Form-76E   Summons for leave to disclaim
Form-76F  Affidavit in support of summons for leave to disclaim a lease
Form-77    Notice to parties interested in the property in respect of which the application to disclaim is made
Form-78    Order giving leave to disclaim
Form-79    Disclaimer of Lease
Form-80    Notice of disclaimer of lease
Form-81    Order requiring parties interested in disclaimed lease to apply for vesting order or to be excluded from all interest in the leasehold premises
Form-81A    Order vesting lease and excluding persons who have not elected (1) to (4) as in Form No. 81
Form-82    Advertisement as to declaration of distributable sum
Form-83    Notice of distributable sum
Form-84    Authority to Liquidator to pay distributable sum to another person
Form-85    Schedule of partners to whom return is to be paid
Form-86    Notice of return to partners
Form-87    Register of LLP Liquidations
Form-87A    Central Cash Book
Form-87B    LLP’s Cash Book
Form-87C    General Ledger
Form-87D    Cashier’s Cash Book
Form-87E    Bank Ledger
Form-87F    Register of assets
Form-87G    Investment Register
Form-87H    Register of book-debts and outstandings (Not barred by limitation)
Form-87I    Tenants Ledger
Form-87J    Suits Register
Form-87K    Decree Register
Form-87L    Sales Register
Form-87M    Register of Claims and Distributable sums
Form-87N    Partners’ Ledger/ Return of assets to partner
Form-87O    Distributable sums paid register
Form-87P    Commission Register
Form-87Q    Suspense Register
Form-87R    Documents Register
Form-87S    Books Register
Form-87T   Register of Unpaid Liquidation Distributable sum & Undistributed Assets Deposited into the LLP Liquidation Account
Form-88    Form of Receipt
Form-89    Liquidator's Final Account
Form-90    Notice of appointment of LLP liquidator
Form-91    Form-91