Listing of Securities means admission of securities to dealings on a recognized stock exchange. The securities may be of any public limited company, Central or State Government, quasi governmental and other financial institutions/corporations, municipalities, etc. Listing of Companies denotes permission granted by a stock exchange, to a company, for trading of its particular securities (e.g. equity shares, debentures etc.) on the stock exchange.

Delisting of Companies refers to the removal of a company's shares from listing on the stock exchanges, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Delisting of securities represents the removal of that particular security for dealing on the stock exchange.It may happen either when the company does not comply with the guidelines of the stock exchange, or that the company has not witnessed trading for years, or that it voluntary wants to get delisted or in case of merger or acquisition of a company with/by some other company.

So, broadly it can be classified under two head:-

- Compulsory delisting.
- Voluntary delisting.

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