Form-1      Software Export Declaration (SOFTEX)
Form-2      For Printing EDF/SOFTEX
Form-3      Exchange Control (Exporters Declaration)
Form-4      Form RMC - F
Form-5      Statement showing details of remittances effected towards import in respect of which documentary evidence has not been received despite reminders
Form-6      Currency Declaration Form
Form-7      Application for raising External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under Approval Route
Form-8      Reporting of actual transactions of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
Form-9      Application for drawal of Foreign Exchange
Form-10      FNC
Form-11      Return to be filed by an Indian company who has arranged issue of GDR/ADR
Form-12      Exchange Control Declaration
Form-13      Application for remittance of legacies, bequests or inheritances to beneficiaries resident outside India
Form-14      Direct Investment in a Joint Venture (JV)/Wholly Owned Subsidiary Overseas (WOS) Approval/Reporting of Outward Remittances
Form-15      Quarterly Return
Form-16      Application-cum-Undertaking form for opening of Non-Resident (Special) Rupee (NRSR) Account
Form-17      Application for transfer of shares of a company registered in India by a non-resident to a person resident in India
Form-18      TC Approvals of Trade Credit
Form-19      XOS Statement of particulars of export bills outstanding beyond prescribed period/due date of realisation
Form-20      Reporting of loan agreement details under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
Form-21      Annual return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets
Form-22      Stat of Exposure of Corporates in foreign currency
Form-23      Application Form for FEMC License under section 10 of FEMA 1999
Form-24      FLM8 for FFMCs
Form-25      FLM8 for ADs Cat II
Form-26      FTD Statement
Form-27      GPB Statement
Form-28      Application for obtaining permission to enter into Rupee or Foreign Currency Drawing Arrangements with Exchange Houses
Form-29      Remittances received under MTSS Statement Qtly
Form-30      Reports by ADs CatII
Form-31      Stat of Cross Currency Der
Form-32      Report on exposures of corporates in foreign currency
Form-33      Stat of Fcy written off by FFMCs and ADs CatII
Form-34      Stat of FcyINR option reports
Form-35      Stat of Forward contract based on past performance
Form-36      Stat of Forward exchange cover for FIIs
Form-37      Stat of Fwd contracts SMEs & Ind
Form-38      Stat of Import export turnover
Form-39      Stat of Individual purchase transactions above USD 10000 for FFMCs and ADs CatII
Form-40      Stat of Long term FcyINR Swap
Form-41      Stat of Nostro, Vostro Bal
Form-42      Stat of Overseas Fcy borrowings
Form-43      Stat of Summation of Fcy accounts FFMCs and ADs CatII
Form-44      Statement on Commodity Hedging Domestic Transactions
Form-45      Statement A.RDA
Form-46      Statement B.RDA
Form-47      Statement C.RDA
Form-48      Statement D.RDA
Form-49      Statement E.RDA
Form-50      FC-GPR
Form-51      FC-TRS
Form-52      Application cum Declaration for purchase of foreign exchange under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of USD 200,000 for Resident individuals
Form-53      Declaration of immovable property acquired in India by a person resident outside India who has established in India a branch, office or other place of business, excluding a liaison office
Form-54      Concepts & Definitions to be used while filling-in the Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets
Form-55      Advance Reporting & KYC Form
Form-56      FC-GPR-Part A
Form-57      FC-TRS
Form-58      Export of Goods and Services Export Data Processing and Monitoring System